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My name is Morteza Salehi,

I am an Iranian photographer who lives in the highest plain of the world called Sirjan, where the starry sky is surprisingly beautiful and that’s why I fell in love with stars and photography. I started my career with taking photos of stars. My big passion toward nature encourages me to travel and see different parts of the nature in my country Iran and take photos of landscapes at nights and days. Being in nature where nothing is more important than the current moment means becoming a part of nature for me. I personally believe that the Unbelievable beauty in nature is the most precious gift which is given to us so that must be preserved by us for the next generations. Photography is a way to experience and to transfer those experience to home and people and to show human beings this magic gift must be protected by us. I have been in the editor of some magazines and books. I am also the head of a tourism magazine.

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